Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

School starts in two weeks. Well I'm actually ready for that, the boys are going to kill each other soon. It's the same each year, they like one another for about a month. Then the last 3 weeks of Summer it's WWF. School shopping is mostly done only a few things to pick up. Wes gets his schedule next week and Ryan's will come Monday. My hamstrings are not on cranky anymore. Tonight I will try the whole body workout, I'm a little gun shy to do the lower body one so soon. Maybe this weekend?? I'm trying different layouts for my blog to see what I like. Maybe the background will change each month just for fun. Believe it or not fall baseball signups are this weekend. That's okay, at least we've gotten a month off. The hubby and I are having dinner alone tonight while the boys go to a scout potluck. Cheers.

1 comment:

  1. Just don't do the total body workout with the lower body workout on the same day. It was so tough, it made me puke (well I also did the cardio that day too). I tried that same combo of 3 a week later and puked again. I will NEVER do that combo EVER again.

    Have a fun date night tonight. We had one last night and another planned for tonight while our kiddos are gone.

    And when I started my blog, I changed my background more often that I posted on it!