Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Do You Eat An Elephant?


One bite at a time they say, but gross who wants to eat elephant?  Not me for sure.  But that is basically the philosophy I'm with my ongoing weight loss.  This week at my weigh in I lost .5 lb, may not seem like a lot but as long as the number is doing down that's all that matters.

There was a discussion a week ago at the meeting that sometimes people are surprised by the number on the scale not sure how they gained that week.  I don't buy it, on the weeks when I've had gains (thank God it's only happened a couple times)  I know exactly why I gained.  Not paying attention to what I was eating and settling back into the old habits that got me here in the first place.  Taking responsibility for your own actions isn't easy for some.  I could come up with dozens of reasons why I got fat and how I could make it someone elses fault, but when it all comes down to it.  It was my choice and my choice alone, noone force fed me one bite. 

But now I have a choice to love me and to do what is necessary to make my body the temple it's supposed to be.  I'm not saying I'll be 125 lbs again like when Ralph & I first met.   But I will be trying to treat my body with the respect it deserves.  R.E.S.P.E.C.T find out what it means to me.  Cheers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1.5 TIMES 3

I decided to start blogging again about my weight loss.  I stopped doing it for some unknown reason and have decided I like sharing my story.  Even if noone reads this putting it down in words gives me a sense of freedom.


That is my magic number this week at my Weight Watchers weigh in. I am down 1.5 lbs this week, yeah!  I've lost 1.5 lbs each week for the past 3 weeks now.  I love being able to eat real food and to have the freedom to induldge when it strikes my fancy.  I've often referred to feeling like a prisoner in this body.  I didn't grow up heavy, I actually had a nice figure until after my 2nd son was born. 
Time to reclaim my old body back.  Believe me when I say I have no dilusions of waking up a size 10 tomorrow, I know there is a purpose for the journey back down to my normal size.  Just like I know there is a purpose with the journey we are on right now in trying to pay off our bills.  I will pray for strength each day, if you remember say a little pray for me.  Cheers!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Complete Success

Last month I hosted my first "girls night" at my house.  I spoke before of the desire to have some of my best girlfriends over to try some new foods and just be social.  It was a great evening 6 fabulous friends came over ready for the culinary adventure.  Here was the evenings simple samplings:

1. Honey Apple Brie Bites
2. Onion Pepper Relish Dip
3. Smoky Bacon Cheddar Dip (from Albertsons) w/ bagette slices
4. Sunrise Punch

We sat around and ate, laughed, talked serious and just had a great night.  Some of us work together, used to work together, are friends of friends but made was a great mix of peeps.  I am planning my 2nd girls night later this month.  I have to mention a HUGE thanks to Sandy over at Reluctant Entertainer without her I don't think I would have been able to start coming out of my entertaining shell.  Her book is awesome, if you like having people over or are just to darn scared to (I was) pick up a copy. On girls night I picked up my house a little, but didn't sweep or mop or vacuum.  Guess what?  Noone noticed.  CHEERS!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Boy at the Prom

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Seriously, one day you turn around and here they are setting off to go to the prom. Hmmmm, how did this happen?  Did elves kidnap my young child and bring in a full grown replacement?  He looked so handsome, or if you ask him he looked "hot".  It was kind of a reality shock that we are in the home stretch with him.  His last year of school is upon us.  Did we do a good job parenting him?  I guess we can ask him in 10 years.  Cheers.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girls Day on the Horizon

Since the dreary freezing days of winter here I've been planning to have some girlfriends over.  I imagine sometime in the spring when the temperature is mild, not to cold, not to hot.  My grand idea is to make a few appetizers that I'm pretty sure my family would not try, but my bestest girlfriends will be up for.  One of them is the Roasted Strawberry Bruschetta from Sandy over at Reluctant Entertainer.  It looks simple but tasty.   For a drink I'm dying to try the Dulce de Leche coffee at Pioneer Woman.  For my birthday my girlies Sandy & Julie took me out for wine w/ appetizers.  We had this delicious platter with goat cheese, asst italian meats and pickled veggies.  It was so simple and good, I may try to re-create that as well.  Hopefully it will warm up here soon so I can put my plan into action.  Cheers!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Enough Dishes to Feed Guests

So, for sometime now I've been trying to collect white dishes from thrift stores to add to my own.  Remember I'm the one who only had service for 4, pretty hard to have folks over if they have nowhere to put there food.  Anyway, I was up to 6 white Cafeware from Fred Meyer.  I was cruising through Freddies one morning and came across white Corelle plates on clearance for $1.64.  I only bought 3, because I couldn't remember how many dishes I had at home at was aiming for service for 12.  When I got home and realized I now had a grand total of 9 I knew I had to go back to the store the next day and I did.  Much to my sadness they were all gone, snatched up by some other women who was wanting the same thing as I.  So that night I was at another Fred Meyer near my house getting dinner stuff.  I cruised their home section and they were out as well, then I looked up for some reason.  And there it was...a whole set of Corelle Enhancement pattern on clearance.  Could it be?  I did the math and it was on clearance for $22 and I had a $7 off coupon as well.  Be still my heart, I grabbed it up quickly and whisked it away to the checkout line.

I now have service for 15.  I didn't think I would like the Corelle again, I remember we had it growing up.  This is an all white elegant design with a slight ridge on the edge.  The moral of my story is be patient and you never know what you will come across.  I think I may have friends over for St. Patricks Day.  Cheers.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Time to Slumber

That's what I think when looking at my Christmas decorations and knowing I will be packing them up this weekend.  I enjoy every minute they are up, since they only live for 30 days outside of their Christmas crates they are packed in.  Stephanie & I braved the crowds yesterday to get some Christmas deals for next year.  We had so much fun, just the girls no kids, no hubbies.  I always buy my Christmas cards at Target and can usually pick up Christmas themed foil, body wash and candles for 50% off.  Half off ornaments make great gifts for the following year for family & friends.

 Next year I'm going old school with my tree.  I found the fluffiest silver/gold garland and will spend the next year looking for vintage glass ornaments like I had when I was a kid.  They will go nicely with the boys homemade ornaments.  I don't have a tree topper, I may have to take some time finding one of those too.  I forgot my camera so I can't post any pics from Christmas day. 

We used to have a tradition of going to my mom's good friends house on Christmas Eve and eating appetizers and visiting.  My own family doesn't have a tradition on Christmas Ever and I think I want one.  Do you have one?  Cheers.