Thursday, August 27, 2009

Being a Woman Can Be Tough

I only say this because I'm in the middle of my cycle and my guts may fall out from all of the cramping. Aside from that I'm okay. The boys are at Scouts tonight helping paint a church so this means Ralph & I get to go out by ourselves. We don't do it nearly enough, but I sooo enjoy it when we do. It makes me remember how much I love being with him no matter where we are. With all of the frogs I kissed along the way the Lord certainly brought me a prince 20 years ago. This last July 29th was the anniversary of our first date at Sears Point Raceway. I still think he is as hunky as ever. I just need to get my sexy body going again and we'll be even. I really do feel fortunate that I have a hubby that loves me no matter what size, color hair, clothes I am. He's truly a gentlemen (most of the time anyway). First day of fall ball is tomorrow, Wes also starts boxing. Let's get our busy on. Cheers.

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