Monday, August 17, 2009

What a Great Weekend

Nothing to special happened, but great by my standards. The weather was absolutely fantastic here, mid 80's I think. I was Martha Stewart this weekend, I made a triple berry crisp, buffalo wing wonton pies with bleu cheese crumbles. On Sunday morning the boys requested chicken fried steak omelettes. They were very tasty. I painted the dining room and hallway. It looks so nice so nice and warm compared to hospital white. I'm not very fond of white walls probably because we have rented for so long and that's usually the norm. Thankfully I have awesome landlords and asked them if I could paint a warm/neutral color. What a difference it makes in the feel of the room. When we buy a home soon there will be no colorless walls allowed. And definately one red room. Wes goes to the orhopaedic doctor today. His shoulder was popping at the end of baseball this season, let's hope it's growing stuff and not an injury. Prayers would be appreicated. Working out is still going good, I can tell that I get really stiff if I go a few days without doing the yoga portion. Be thankful this week, cheers.

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