Friday, March 19, 2010

Start It Up

It's the time of the year when we rev it  up and begin baseball season for the boys.  Our oldest didn't make the high school team.  At first we were all sad but he has a wonderful outlook.  He told me "Mom, if the Lord had intended for me to be on that team I would be.  I guess there's something else I need to do."  He thought for a half second about tennis and then Ralph suggested lacosse.  He started the same day he was cut and I have to say it has been a total blessing.  He LOVES it, we haven't seen a spark in him over a sport in a while.  Maybe because it's new?  I don't know but he talks about not even trying out for baseball next year and focusing on lacrosse.  Wow!  He says he still wants to play Babe Ruth after the lacrosse season is over, we'll see.  Short man made the "A" team at school and says life is good with his new shinguards and new catcher's mit.  I've been lucky enough to scrapbook a few times this past month.  I am done scrapping Wes' early years.  I am not a painter like my grandma was but like to do other things that let my creative side come out.  And honestly sometimes I need to be around girls and leave the testosterone X3 at home.  More to come about lacrosse later, it's a crazy sport.  I'll take pics soon.  Cheers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nervous Nelly

Not sure why I'm nervous right now, okay I really do know.  It's baseball season and both boys have tryouts at school.  We survived day one at high school tryouts and have 2 more days of agonizing anticipation to get through.  I think it's toughest on Ralph & I.  Why is that?  Both of the boys love the game and are skilled but neither would jump off a cliff if they didn't make the cut.  I told them last year that being a ball player only enhanced who they already are, it wasn't ALL they are.  So, send some good ju-ju our way and we'll see what happens.