Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Pillars

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I just made these last weekend and it was super simple and super cheap.  I first saw a display like this over at The Pretty Neat Company when I was looking for Christmas ideas.  I thought why not use them for other holidays as well?  Then the crafty cogs started turning in my head.  I went cruising my thrift stores and found three pillar candle holders in different heights.  I forgot to take before pics, sorry.  One of the pillars was green, the squaty one was brown and the other was actually a Pottery Barn mercury glass.  I spray painted them all Valspar satin black and wah-lah, three matching pillar holders.  I want to find candle rings for the pumpkins to sit on but love the way they look.  My striped pumpkins are from Walmart $3 for a bag of three.  I'm thinking of changing it slightly for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas as well.  People are so creative and I am so appreciative that they share there ideas. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thrift Store Love

Some of my newest finds from local thrift stores beginning at top right: green transferware plate $1, Mikasa jingle bell candy dish $2, brown transferware bowl $1.25, gold star napkins (.50) and sage green tablecloth ($2.50) , white serving platter ($1.99) and blue snowflake tablecloth ($3.99), swirled clear glass serving bowl, ($2), clear specialty drink mugs ($1).  I've been trying to find pieces that I'll be able to use all year round.  The candy dish I will fill with treats and give away at Christmas, it still had it's original tag on bottom.  The clear mugs I've been collecting because I want to make this yummy Dulce De Leche coffee from Pioneer Woman and thought it would look so pretty in those.  And at .50 a piece that's a bargain.  I've been looking for green and red transferware to hang up at Christmas.  Yes, I'm already planning don't judge me.  There are great things out there at bargain prices if you are just willing to look.  Cheers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ragamuffin Bag

Here is my Christmas version of Nester's Ragamuffin Bag.  I had leftover strips of fabric from last year when I made the Ragamuffin Garland for Christmas.  I love it, totally raggy, fun and different.  Only needed a little time on a Saturday afternoon and some hot glue.  I was in the process of making a Halloween one when I sliced my finger open on Labor Day causing an ER visit and stitiches.  Just like Nester suggested the purse came from the thrift store and cost me $3.  It was a woven/bamboo looking, but it doesn't matter because you are going to cover it up.  I used some woven black edging to cover the top.  This is so easy to make and you can customize to your liking.  I may continue the Halloween bag here soon, but I'm a little gun shy about my rotary cutter.  Cheers!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ocean Alternative

 I am yearning to sit on a deck of a beachhouse looking out at the ocean.  Just relaxing, listening to the waves, reading a book maybe.  The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy, it's hard to keep my head straight.  Have you ever wanted just to be somewhere and not have to worry about anything?  I do, usually when I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  When I lay my head down each night I fall asleep thinking about relaxing at the ocean.  I no longer live within an hour of the ocean, it's more like a 6 hour trip now.  I guess I will need to find an alternative to an ocean trip for now.  Cheers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Skool Time

I always take pics the first day of school, I have since they both started. They were good sports and let me do it again even in their "cool" states of being. One is driving himself now and the other doesn't quite need us as much. This is going to be a great year for them I can just feel it in my bones. Both of them like their teachers so far, this is a good thing. How was the first day for your kids?
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thrifty Collage

Okay, so I downloaded Picasa from Google and this is my first attempt at a photo collage. One day I will own Photoshop or something like it but not now, bills first. These are my thrift store finds that I am in love with so far. Cheers.
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