Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm a Lucky Duck

Why? Because I have a great husband, kids, job, car, food, family, friends, home, JESUS and many more. I've heard so many stories the past few days of crazed people out at the stores acting ridiculous to others. I will admit I may have gotten my feathers ruffled years back if you "stole" my parking spot during shopping. But now, who cares. If you need to Nascar to get that spot, go ahead and have it. I'll park way back yonder where it's safe. I'm a planner and try to get shopping done early. It's helps me not be crazy come Christmas. I want to focus on my family as the day comes near.

Have peace and joy this Christmas for yourself and others. CHEERS!

Friday, December 18, 2009


The one week countdown is offically on. One week from today we will be celebrating the joy the season with our family. Reminded that we are so lucky to be given the precious gift of Jesus so very long ago. I am taking some advice from some good friends (thanks Sandy & Kelly) and I'm only putting out some gifts now and waiting until they go to bed so put out the rest. I'm sure at this point the boys might feel a bit jipped by what's under the tree right now. Hee hee, little do they no that there mom is a Christmas mastermind. I want to slip at some of the gifts I have secretly saved for and purchased for the boys or Ralph but I am afraid through our many means of communication that something will get back to them. I'll share once the big day is over.

Tonight I am making cookies for a get together on Sunday, tomorrow making chili and chex mix. In between watching all the my favorite Christmas movies. We have dear friends coming to shop on Sunday and have lunch with us. We won't have a ton of time with them but will cherish the few hours we do. Cheers and be still and know that you are loved.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in Progress

Christmas decorating is a work in progress. I'm always fussing with the tree, changing little things around. I do this until I like the way it looks. I stared at the dining room fixture last night and decided it needed some sprucing up. So now there are ornaments hanging from it, I think I may add some greenery to it. I need to add ribbon to the Christmas tree, I do this while Ralph is out. He says there is enough on the tree already, that's just crazy talk. There are some fabulous homes on the Christmas tour found here at the Nester. It's probably where I got the urge to keep decorating. I love my snowman collection, I display at work because I don't have the room at my house and it makes it a bit more festive in my office. My friends April is having her very own 12 Days of Christmas Kennedy style. Hop on over there to enter in the giveaways for some beautiful stuff. I hope you are finding peace this Christmas season, not always easy but it's always there. Cheers.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recipe Madness PB Cookies & Tortilla Soup

I found the easiest peanut butter cookie recipe last weekend and tackled it this weekend. It was so simple, 3 ingredients and that's it. They were so good enjoyed with a glass of milk of course. I also made a chicken tortilla soup, yummy on those cold days like today. My favorite chicken tortilla soup was from a restaurant in St. Helena called Armadillos. I'm not sure if they are even there anymore but it always seem to hit the spot. Only one more thing for Ralph for Christmas and I'm done. I have to say it feels soooooo good. Maybe a few stocking stuffers, my hairdresser gave me some great ideas for those pre-teen or teens. She always gets hers a bottle of their favorite soda, small bag of chips or pringles and their favorite candy bar (full size). I'm so sick of packing the boys stocking with lots of candy. I hope everyone is enjoying the season, it should be enjoyed. Although it's cold here it is so beautiful and I love it. If you want recipes for these yummy items let me know and I'll add you to the Recipe Madness email list. Cheers.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get Your Christmas On

It's December 1st and for many people the official okay to start putting Christmas stuff up and shopping. Although I LOVE Christmas I respect my husbands feelings and don't put the tree up until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The tree is up and the first part of ornaments are up. It usually takes a few days of staring at it and adding some more here and there before I love it. Ryan asked me why we had to put the blanket (tree skirt) underneath, apparently it gets in his way. My work Christmas party is Friday and my knitting group party is Saturday. I'm going to try and get my Chex mix and pretzels made on Sunday to start packaging for goodie gifts that we deliver to our friends. Do something fun and in the holiday spirit this weekend, maybe some cookie baking with your kids or let them make Christmas cards for their grand parents. There is lots of fun to be had. Cheers.