Monday, July 27, 2009


There might be something to this whole exercise thing. I received my 10 Minute Trainer DVD set last week. I did it W, Th, F & Sun. I feel good. I did find myself saying "I don't want to workout today", then thought "good golly it's only 20 minutes" get up. My legs and butt don't hurt as bad today. I just keep trudging on, I've been sliding into Wes' room instead of holding the family hostage in the living room. I found a great inspiration in his room. Wes has a poster of Muhammad Ali on his wall with the words across it "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING". It's right above his television so I see during my workouts. I forgot to weight in Friday morning so I'll have to just wait until this Friday. I'm not sure if I have a "goal" weight in mind, more like a goal size. I want to be able to shop in the regular size departments and not have to go to the plus sizes. This means somewhere around a size 12/14. Our last baseball tournament is this weekend. We love baseball but it's been a long haul. Pray that the weather isn't what they predict, they say 100's that makes it miserable. Enjoy the day. Cheers.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Because I'm waiting for my 10 Minute Trainer DVD set to arrive. I never thought I would be so excited. Since I pretty much hate to exercise but have come to the conclusion that my extra weight will not come off without it. On lunch today I ran to Walmart to pick up a yoga mat to go along with my DVD's. I figure Ralph can use the mat as well when he's doing his P90x. I received my Primer Potion from Urban Decay and have tested it for two days now. Love it. Day one I wore eyeshadow, no creasing or oilyness. I notice a bit of shine on my eyelid at 11 pm that night, pretty good since I put it on at 6 am that day. Today I wore no eyeshadow and there is no excessive oil on my lids. It only takes a small amount so my pretty purple bottle should last a while. We have baseball practice tonight, it's 102 out right now. Thank goodness it's at 7pm. I am thankful for my friends today. Since moving from Napa so many years ago and moving from the group of friends I had bonded with for so long I find myself sad on occaision. Along the way I have gathered a handful maybe two handfuls of people that have blessed my life. Cheers.

Monday, July 20, 2009


All is right in the world, Ryan came home from camp safe and sound. He had an amazing time. It rained the first night there, but it blew through. He came home with two new merit badges, made his own leather wallet and gained independence. Sad to say on Saturday one of Ryan's fish died. I gave it a proper burial in the comode. I think Wes is a bit jealous of the good time Ryan had. Sometimes Wes bags on Boy Scouts, but he wants to go with Ryan this week to his meeting to check it out. To funny. I'm anxiously waiting for my 10 Minute Trainer series to get here. I did buy a proper sports bra from Catherine's on my lunch today. I'm gearing up with a positive attitude!! My eye primer did arrive today so I will post how it's working tomorrow. I can't believe we have school starting in a month, that can't be we're not even done with baseball yet. Drink lots of water and say "no" to the fries. Toodles.

Friday, July 17, 2009


You can't call me a loser because I gained this week. This is the first time since starting that my dreadful monthly visitor came. I don't know if it had an impact or changed my cravings, who knows? I did order Beachbody's 10 Minute Trainer video series. I'm very excited for it to arrive next week. Thanks April for the suggestion. We all get so busy during the week and speaking only for myself a workout is one of the first to go out the window. So, I need something rather quick to do each day. The thought of spending 1.5 hours at a gym to workout is just crazy to me. I also ordered a product for myself called Primer Potion from Urban Decay. It's an eyelid primer to keep your eye makeup from creasing or sliding off. I have oily skin and weirdly enough oily eyelids. After researching online I found many suggestions about this product. I will keep you all updated on how it works. Have a great weekend. My peanut comes home tomorrow. Cheers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


It has been so quiet around the house with Ryan gone to scout camp. He returns this Saturday and I can't wait to see him and hear about all of his adventures. I picked out some paint to use in the living room and hall, it's called Dapper Tan. Ralph & Ryan will be white water rafting in a few weeks and I must make the most of the 3 days they are gone. We did another installment of our Super Summer Payoff today and it feels great. I don't know if there are words enough to explain the joy it brings me. Although the bills are both of ours it has emotionally impacted me. With each payday I feel released, pardoned if you will. I recovered my dining room chairs, I'll try to get a pic posted soon. Very easy, thanks Pam for encouraging me to do it. Weigh in is tomorrow. Cheers.

Friday, July 10, 2009


My weight stayed exactly the same. I'm a bit sad, but not a lot. It's not a gain and that makes me happy. I did Ab Ripper X from P90 today. Holy cow, I couldn't even finish it but I made a good effort. Abs everyday from now on and then I can say goodbye to my double muffin top, HA! I still need to take my body measurements so I can accurately gage how my body is changing. Put that on my list for this weekend. Scrimmage tonight and field prep duties for the state championship this weekend. That's also on my list. This weekend must find time to relax just a little and exercise. Cheers.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


How did we get to the middle of July so soon? I should know better by now. As the boys regular baseball season ends and selections are made for tournaments teams Ryan usually is on the fence until the last minute. By the time the last tournament is over at the end of July, they have about 3 weeks until school starts. I'm now trying to gear up mentally and financially for school clothes and supplies. I'm going to pick up a few shirts at Costco and take Wes to Old Navy for school shorts. That's the great thing about living here, the kids can wear shorts to school for a while. Ryan leaves for Boy Scout camp this weekend. Each day we add a few last minute items to pack. He is SOOOOOO excited, he can't stand it. We are so happy for him. His first time really away from Ralph & I, doing things on his own. Wow! I cancelled the internet service with Verizon, they are so horrible. I need to call one of the other companies this week to get it up and going again. Be blessed today in all you do. Cheers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Not so bad I guess. This is last Fridays weigh in, we had a baseball tournament all weekend and I couldn't get on the computer. I am actually pleased, I didn't eat badly but not totally healthy at times. I did stay away from soda and drank lots of water and some Gatorade G2. Soda and hot sun is a bad combo. No nachos from concessions either (a weakness I might add). But Saturday was the 4th and after our evening game we celebrated with friends and I ate dessert and enjoyed it. I'm trying to figure a way to enjoy my grande vanilla latte iced without all of the calories. I hate fat free milk so if anyone has ideas I'd love to hear them. Either making them at home or ordering at a coffee place. My legs hurt from doing my Wii squats. Ralph always says "pain lets you know your alive"...he's right. Cheers.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So the rumors aren't rumors at all but true fact. If you exercise you feel better, duh! I did my Wii Fit this morning. I did basic step, yoga and strength. I'm walking around feeling like my body is looser and more relaxed. Hmmmm, maybe I should keep up this strange new thing. I'm such a dork ask my family anytime. Eventually everything will not seem like such a task and become part of everyday life I hope.

We're gearing up for Ryan's baseball tournament this weekend. Thank God it's local, but the forcast is upper 90's if not 100's. Kind of makes for miserable ball games in that heat. Last year Ryan almost passed out behind the plate after a 50 minute 2nd inning. We're trying to pound the water in him starting today. Wish us luck, I'll take lots of picture to share. Cheers.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today our the second group of bills got paid off in our Super Summer Payoff. I know it sounds funny, but I love the feeling of paying bills. Probably because there was a time when we would have let them go to deal with them later, and that felt bad. But this will be soooo worth it when we are done. Yeah that means I can't have the Coach purse I want right now, that's okay. Those things will come in time and I won't feel guilty about buying them when I do.

Got a haircut scheduled for tomorrow to match my new blondeness. Yeah, I always feel pretty after a haircut. I'm going to start using my Wii Fit in the mornings before work and see if I really have more energy throughout the day. My Wii Fit characters name is Big Mama. What happens when I lose weight, will I still be Big Mama who knows. Cheers