Tuesday, August 4, 2009


That is pretty much how we feel after this last weekend. Baseball games Thurs, Fri & Sat. It didn't go below 103 and got up 112 said one of the signs. Our boys won about half of the games they played, we are so proud of Ryan. He is such a trooper, dripping with sweat and having mom and dad nag him about drinking lots of water. Don't be fooled by my small rant, we love watching the boys play. We've been blessed with great friends that we've made through the boys playing. I didn't exercise from Friday thru Sunday, I was just exhausted. Got back on the wagon last night and I feel great. I'm hoping the margarita's from our team party don't come back to haunt my calories to bad. I only had two so I'm hoping not. We now have a month until school starts. The boys have an 11:00 bedtime starting yesterday. Next week it will be 10:00 pm and then back to normal by school time. I'm looking forward to dinners with the family this week. Cheers.

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