Thursday, July 9, 2009


How did we get to the middle of July so soon? I should know better by now. As the boys regular baseball season ends and selections are made for tournaments teams Ryan usually is on the fence until the last minute. By the time the last tournament is over at the end of July, they have about 3 weeks until school starts. I'm now trying to gear up mentally and financially for school clothes and supplies. I'm going to pick up a few shirts at Costco and take Wes to Old Navy for school shorts. That's the great thing about living here, the kids can wear shorts to school for a while. Ryan leaves for Boy Scout camp this weekend. Each day we add a few last minute items to pack. He is SOOOOOO excited, he can't stand it. We are so happy for him. His first time really away from Ralph & I, doing things on his own. Wow! I cancelled the internet service with Verizon, they are so horrible. I need to call one of the other companies this week to get it up and going again. Be blessed today in all you do. Cheers.

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