Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today our the second group of bills got paid off in our Super Summer Payoff. I know it sounds funny, but I love the feeling of paying bills. Probably because there was a time when we would have let them go to deal with them later, and that felt bad. But this will be soooo worth it when we are done. Yeah that means I can't have the Coach purse I want right now, that's okay. Those things will come in time and I won't feel guilty about buying them when I do.

Got a haircut scheduled for tomorrow to match my new blondeness. Yeah, I always feel pretty after a haircut. I'm going to start using my Wii Fit in the mornings before work and see if I really have more energy throughout the day. My Wii Fit characters name is Big Mama. What happens when I lose weight, will I still be Big Mama who knows. Cheers

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  1. Oh...I love your WiiFit name! That is great. As you lose weight you can laugh everytime it says welcome big mama! Ha! Great job working out in the mornings. Probably you will be tired in a couple of days from waking up early, but keep plugging away the energy comes back around day 5! I missed my workout today so I will have to kick my own butt tomorrow morning in my workout!