Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Because I'm waiting for my 10 Minute Trainer DVD set to arrive. I never thought I would be so excited. Since I pretty much hate to exercise but have come to the conclusion that my extra weight will not come off without it. On lunch today I ran to Walmart to pick up a yoga mat to go along with my DVD's. I figure Ralph can use the mat as well when he's doing his P90x. I received my Primer Potion from Urban Decay and have tested it for two days now. Love it. Day one I wore eyeshadow, no creasing or oilyness. I notice a bit of shine on my eyelid at 11 pm that night, pretty good since I put it on at 6 am that day. Today I wore no eyeshadow and there is no excessive oil on my lids. It only takes a small amount so my pretty purple bottle should last a while. We have baseball practice tonight, it's 102 out right now. Thank goodness it's at 7pm. I am thankful for my friends today. Since moving from Napa so many years ago and moving from the group of friends I had bonded with for so long I find myself sad on occaision. Along the way I have gathered a handful maybe two handfuls of people that have blessed my life. Cheers.

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