Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Not so bad I guess. This is last Fridays weigh in, we had a baseball tournament all weekend and I couldn't get on the computer. I am actually pleased, I didn't eat badly but not totally healthy at times. I did stay away from soda and drank lots of water and some Gatorade G2. Soda and hot sun is a bad combo. No nachos from concessions either (a weakness I might add). But Saturday was the 4th and after our evening game we celebrated with friends and I ate dessert and enjoyed it. I'm trying to figure a way to enjoy my grande vanilla latte iced without all of the calories. I hate fat free milk so if anyone has ideas I'd love to hear them. Either making them at home or ordering at a coffee place. My legs hurt from doing my Wii squats. Ralph always says "pain lets you know your alive"...he's right. Cheers.

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  1. Yay! Too bad you don't like fat free milk. Seriously can you really taste a difference in the latte? Maybe you should tell yourself you love it and maybe you will...haha! Try vanilla soy in your lattes. That might help with the calories. Or go for the real deal, but just once a week. That is what I am doing with my Strawberries and Cream from Starbucks! Whipped cream and all. And downsize to the smallest size...a Tall. You are doing great!

    I have found that I can enjoy a little dessert here and there also. I just take a smaller portion and eat it a lot slower to enjoy every bite! I think that might end up being the key with everything I put in my mouth.