Thursday, July 16, 2009


It has been so quiet around the house with Ryan gone to scout camp. He returns this Saturday and I can't wait to see him and hear about all of his adventures. I picked out some paint to use in the living room and hall, it's called Dapper Tan. Ralph & Ryan will be white water rafting in a few weeks and I must make the most of the 3 days they are gone. We did another installment of our Super Summer Payoff today and it feels great. I don't know if there are words enough to explain the joy it brings me. Although the bills are both of ours it has emotionally impacted me. With each payday I feel released, pardoned if you will. I recovered my dining room chairs, I'll try to get a pic posted soon. Very easy, thanks Pam for encouraging me to do it. Weigh in is tomorrow. Cheers.

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  1. I'm afraid my weight will be the same...hopefully I will have not gained a pound. Hardly any work-outs this week. It's been crazy. We shall see tomorrow! Good luck.