Monday, July 20, 2009


All is right in the world, Ryan came home from camp safe and sound. He had an amazing time. It rained the first night there, but it blew through. He came home with two new merit badges, made his own leather wallet and gained independence. Sad to say on Saturday one of Ryan's fish died. I gave it a proper burial in the comode. I think Wes is a bit jealous of the good time Ryan had. Sometimes Wes bags on Boy Scouts, but he wants to go with Ryan this week to his meeting to check it out. To funny. I'm anxiously waiting for my 10 Minute Trainer series to get here. I did buy a proper sports bra from Catherine's on my lunch today. I'm gearing up with a positive attitude!! My eye primer did arrive today so I will post how it's working tomorrow. I can't believe we have school starting in a month, that can't be we're not even done with baseball yet. Drink lots of water and say "no" to the fries. Toodles.

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