Friday, September 17, 2010

Thrift Store Love

Some of my newest finds from local thrift stores beginning at top right: green transferware plate $1, Mikasa jingle bell candy dish $2, brown transferware bowl $1.25, gold star napkins (.50) and sage green tablecloth ($2.50) , white serving platter ($1.99) and blue snowflake tablecloth ($3.99), swirled clear glass serving bowl, ($2), clear specialty drink mugs ($1).  I've been trying to find pieces that I'll be able to use all year round.  The candy dish I will fill with treats and give away at Christmas, it still had it's original tag on bottom.  The clear mugs I've been collecting because I want to make this yummy Dulce De Leche coffee from Pioneer Woman and thought it would look so pretty in those.  And at .50 a piece that's a bargain.  I've been looking for green and red transferware to hang up at Christmas.  Yes, I'm already planning don't judge me.  There are great things out there at bargain prices if you are just willing to look.  Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love the tranferware pieces!!! I also love the mugs, I am a coffee ADDICT!!! The white serving platter, Hmmmm....think I would put a big fat vinyl "F" on it and hang it up! Course I have a monogram wall with something similiar so of course I would say that. And BTW I have already been trying to figure out where the tree is going this year. New house, first christmas here, SMALLER house and I have not a clue where it could go. Matt cannot believe I am thinking ahead like that LOL. Course I just put my halloween decor up and he told me it was to early and he was gonna take it all down. I told him if the stores can have it up well........then so can I!