Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ragamuffin Bag

Here is my Christmas version of Nester's Ragamuffin Bag.  I had leftover strips of fabric from last year when I made the Ragamuffin Garland for Christmas.  I love it, totally raggy, fun and different.  Only needed a little time on a Saturday afternoon and some hot glue.  I was in the process of making a Halloween one when I sliced my finger open on Labor Day causing an ER visit and stitiches.  Just like Nester suggested the purse came from the thrift store and cost me $3.  It was a woven/bamboo looking, but it doesn't matter because you are going to cover it up.  I used some woven black edging to cover the top.  This is so easy to make and you can customize to your liking.  I may continue the Halloween bag here soon, but I'm a little gun shy about my rotary cutter.  Cheers!

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