Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Aunt Lil's Brown Iced Tea Pitcher

Ever since I can remember whenever we would go visit my great aunt Lil's house she always had a pitcher of iced tea on the kitchen counter in a brown pitcher.  I loved her iced tea and I loved her, espcially her wit and humor.  Come to find out in my adult years that her brown pitcher was actually a Marcrest brand dot and daisy design.  Horribly, my beloved Aunt Cheryl and I used to joke as to who would get the treasured brown pitcher upon Aunt Lil's passing.  Yes, I no it was a tad morbid but we were just kidding around.  One day when visiting my in-laws I went to a local antique shop and there it was a replica of Aunt Lil's pitcher.  With lightening speed I swooped it up and took it home.  Last week while doing my weekly thrift store run I came across a matching cookie jar w/o the lid.  For a meer $2.99 I bought it and am using it to hold my cooking utensils.  The nice memories I get each time I look at them are priceless.  Do you have a family heirloom that brings you joy?  Cheers.

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