Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Many of you can probably finish the sentence whether you are religious or not. But frankly that is where I feel I am this summer, in the valley trudging to get to the other side. I know there is light at the other side and we have to walk it ourselves.

For us is has to do with finances and the debt that we are determined to pay off this summer. Most of the years that we have been together we did not make sound financial decisions, just lived like we wanted to, and all of those years I've had a knot in the pit of my stomach. A couple of years ago we took a course from Dave Ramsey that frankly saved our lives. We've been trucking along pretty well and just before school ended I summoned a family meeting. It was time to get serious about this. I wanted to launch what I called our "Super Summer Payoff", this included great sacrifice for our whole family. Eating out was cut off except for my paydays, grocery bills cut, almost no entertaiment. With these old bills gone we would be able to move forward in purchasing a home for the first time, not have to worry about who might be calling and set us free from the prison we created for ourselves.

I pray to the Lord daily to give us strength to finish our goal. He has provided that and then some. In the past I wouldn't have spoken to anyone about how bad it was because I was ashamed. Now, if I can help anyone from going through the same I will. There is no shame, just my experience. We are approaching our next pay off debt day next week with each time it feels like a dozen rocks are dumped from the sack I carry on my back. And on that day we celebrate another step closer to freedom. CHEERS.

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  1. I have heard many good things about Dave Ramsey. Sounds like I need to seriously take a look at that book. Dave started reading parts on the internet a couple of months back and said it gave him a new perspective. Who doesn't need help right now. Thanks for the honesty and the willingness to share your experience and your success!