Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally, My Waiting Is Over

I've been waiting for 7 very long days for the book I ordered to arrive.  One of the blogs I love and follow is Nesting Place and while reading one day she blogged about a book that a friend wrote and was just published.  It spoke of entertaining people and how it didn't have to be fancy, complicated or hard.  I was instantly in love.  I always long to have friends over but seldom do.  There are 1000 excuses I could come up with, like my house is to small, food not fancy enough, not enough seating and on and on.  The book is entitled The Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin, her lovely blog is of the same title.  I am the reluctant entertainer and am sooo hoping this will help me venture out into the unknown I desperately desire.  I will surely keep you updated on my progress. Cheers!


  1. Hi there, well, I hope that the book is a huge help and blessing to you! Love your yard sale bargains that you shared at RE today!


  2. I always love coming over to your house, you are a great host!! Shannon loves it too because you have so many cool toys in your kitchen lol.

  3. I love love love your blog..so cute. Help me make one. Love you my friend! I want that book!