Friday, July 2, 2010

Couldn't Pass It Up

I found this little baby while cruising the book aisle at one of my local thift stores.  I saw this small, probably 3x4 book on a shelf by itself.  The deep green cover caught my eye and when I read the title "A Christmas Anthology" I knew it had to come home and join my other Christmas books I display during the holidays.  The pages are prestine and appear to never have been cracked open.  Poor little book, I will have to break it in this year.  Whenever I drop off items to be donated I always have to "cruise" the store looking for a deal.  It's been a huge help with clothes since I started losing weight.  I don't want to spend a fortune on clothes until I am a comfortable size.  VIVA LA THRIFT STORE.  Cheers!

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