Friday, June 25, 2010


I am so excited and almost giddy about this summer.  Why you ask?  Because it is pretty much open this year.  Ryan isn't playing tournament ball this summer like he has for the last three years, well one tournament in July but that's it.  Wes is going to lacrosse camp and was asked if he wanted to do some lacrosse tournaments this summer.  Generally summer baseball is very intense (practice every night and tournaments on the weekends) and will end around the end of July.  So if your boy is doing this they have played baseball from March 1st to August 1st.  So this summer we only have a few random tournaments to go to and I am trying to think of FUN summer stuff to do the rest of the time.    I am a planner, planner, planner so of course I want to get things on the books to do.  So far we have LAX (abbr. for lacrosse), BASEBALL, WATER PARK, HIGH SCHOOL CHURCH CAMP FOR WES, MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL GAMES.  Not a huge list but fun anyway, we are squeezing some visits with friends as well into some of the tournaments.  I've added a couple baseball pics.  Wes gets one of the biggest leads off a base in hopes of stealing.  He is usually successfull and makes pitchers nervous.  Ryan always rocks it behind the plate.  Those pictures of him are a bit harder to get because I have to stand up and block others view of the game.  Hee hee I don't really care, I have scrapbooking opportunites to get.  Enjoy the beginning of summer. Cheers.

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