Friday, June 18, 2010

1st Birthday Milestone "16"

Do you remember how exciting and cool it was to finally turn 16?  It meant driving, certain freedom from your parents, status at school and too many other great things to count.  My first born is "16" today and I can't believe how emotional I feel.  He's been an amazing kid and now that we are in the home stretch with only 2 more years of high school I think I'm feeling panicked that it's not enough time.  People always say how quick it goes, yeah yeah whatever.  Well they are right.  When Ralph gets home from work he's taking him down to take his drivers license test. Hmmmm, am I tearing up?  Not yet.  Tomorrow night it's a birthday dinner with his choice of where to go and noone gets to complain (that's our house rules).  Your birthday your call.  And even with him being a "cool" guy, he still hugs me and tells me I'm the best mom even in front of his friends.  My cousin James taught him that, "never be embarrassed of you mama".  So Happy Birthday big Wes, next milestone "18".  XOXO.

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