Friday, December 18, 2009


The one week countdown is offically on. One week from today we will be celebrating the joy the season with our family. Reminded that we are so lucky to be given the precious gift of Jesus so very long ago. I am taking some advice from some good friends (thanks Sandy & Kelly) and I'm only putting out some gifts now and waiting until they go to bed so put out the rest. I'm sure at this point the boys might feel a bit jipped by what's under the tree right now. Hee hee, little do they no that there mom is a Christmas mastermind. I want to slip at some of the gifts I have secretly saved for and purchased for the boys or Ralph but I am afraid through our many means of communication that something will get back to them. I'll share once the big day is over.

Tonight I am making cookies for a get together on Sunday, tomorrow making chili and chex mix. In between watching all the my favorite Christmas movies. We have dear friends coming to shop on Sunday and have lunch with us. We won't have a ton of time with them but will cherish the few hours we do. Cheers and be still and know that you are loved.

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  1. Can you believe that Christmas is here? I can not. But the last present has been ordered and wrapped and now I am just waiting in great expecation.

    Merry Christmas, I hope your family has a wonderful holiday.