Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in Progress

Christmas decorating is a work in progress. I'm always fussing with the tree, changing little things around. I do this until I like the way it looks. I stared at the dining room fixture last night and decided it needed some sprucing up. So now there are ornaments hanging from it, I think I may add some greenery to it. I need to add ribbon to the Christmas tree, I do this while Ralph is out. He says there is enough on the tree already, that's just crazy talk. There are some fabulous homes on the Christmas tour found here at the Nester. It's probably where I got the urge to keep decorating. I love my snowman collection, I display at work because I don't have the room at my house and it makes it a bit more festive in my office. My friends April is having her very own 12 Days of Christmas Kennedy style. Hop on over there to enter in the giveaways for some beautiful stuff. I hope you are finding peace this Christmas season, not always easy but it's always there. Cheers.

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