Monday, October 19, 2009

What Fun I Will Have

It started last Friday when I got to scrapbook at my friend Sandy's. Then on Saturday I went with her to watch her daughter's band competition. It rained most of the time but we saw some incredible talent and ended the day with a great meal including milkshake. Yummm. Tonight I'm going to a co-workers house and another co-worker of ours who is a make up artist is doing a class for us. Tomorrow is my normal knitting night, I'm not sure if I can stand this much creativity in one week. Who am I kidding, of course I can. I'm trying to decide on a date for the Christmas wrapping paper swap that I'm hosting at my little house. I always say I want to do some many "things" and finally am setting time and actually doing it. Forever I have wanted to have a home where people would just drop in or have folks over for dinner. But yet I would never invite anyone over. See the irony? So I'm taking baby steps. I had to start letting go that my house wasn't the biggest, fanciest or best for entertaining. I love the line from the Toby Mac song "when love is in the house, the house is packed". That's my house, we may be small but we'll pack it full of love. Cheers.

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