Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Healthy Wagon is Tough

Ate cheeseburger for lunch yesterday and had a patty melt last night. To much salt on the french fries and they made my feet swell. I've switched to drinking hot tea at night instead of coffee (when did I turn into my parents?) I have to start exercising again, I feel horrible physically. Thank God I've stayed the same weight but that is a dangerous fence to walk. Fall ball ends this weekend for the boys. Part of the reason I enjoy it so much is spending time with my friends. I'm so excited I get to scrapbook next Friday with Sandy and then on Saturday I'm going with her to a marching band competition. Two days of girly fun, I can't wait. .

I bought my new Christmas tree, it's a 6.5 ft. pre-lit from Costco. It looks like it's planted in a big gold pot. Beautiful to say the least. The one we have is to big for the place we live in now so it's going to a good home at Stephanie's. I wanted this tree last year and didn't act in time and then "no more trees". I've budgeted and now it's mine. Most of the boys Christmas shopping is done another planning thing I remember from last year. For 2-3 months now I've been asking the boys what they truely want for Christmas. They thought about it and would show me stuff at the store. I keep a small notebook in my purse and would take notes. I told them I didn't want to spend money on things they would never use so take time to consider what you really want. They came up with some good lists. I'm making my own Christmas dishes. I got the supplies and am hoping to start this weekend. I'll take pics and post the final craft when it's done. The weather is beautiful here right now, as I walk to my car at lunch time I breathed in and thanked the Lord for the wonderful day He created. Cheers.

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