Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Dressed up in orange and black at work today, orange shirt, black sweater, blue jeans, orange socks, black Mary Jane shoes, orange MAC lipstick (thanks Jen), black dangle earrings and ta-da a Halloween outfit it is. We opted not to dress up in costume today because the actual holiday is tomorrow. Sooo much fun, my lipstick is so bright I would never wear it otherwise, but today it's alright. We finally got an internet service to work at our house. We have Verizon Wireless for our cell phones and just found out about their air cards. Since we only have laptops it works out great. Enjoy the parties and festivities you may be attending this weekend. I am going to try and enjoy the weather and falling of the leaves. It's windy today but I like it. I'm starting to post my recipes on my new recipe blog If you are on my email list you will still get them there, but just in case you delete and email or forget this will be an option. I'll be working this week to get all of them on there, right now there are only two. Enjoy and savor the weekend. Cheers

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