Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speed Bumps

I rarely blog about things in my life that I am struggling with etc.  However today I am, I can't be the only one who feels horribly overwhelmed with daily life at times right?  I'm frustrated that it is taking so long to pay off our bills so that we can buy a house.  I wanted to pay off a credit card this week but the boy just announced he is going to homecoming.  We are so excited for him, not so excited about the expenses that come with it.  The pitfalls (and blessing) of being an uber planner is that I'm always thinking months ahead.  The Las Vegas lacrosse tournament is coming in November, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Thankfully the plane and hotel are paid for.  I just want to cry.  Why didn't I get a degree at college so that I would have a career that paid better than what i do now?  Oh, Lord give me strength today because frankly I just don't have any. 


  1. Oh sweetie....I know how you feel....what matters is that you are a great parent and wife..I know that I could have done so much better if I went to college and I struggle too with that. But I love ya and you just gotta keep pluckin away like you do.
    Love ya

  2. All you can do is your best with what you have. So don't beat yourself up about coulda woulda shoulda things!

    Keep plugging away at the debt and reach your goal!