Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Mug Thrifting

I decided I wanted to be a little festive and get some Christmas coffee mugs. My absolute love is the mug in the upper left corner. It's a Corningware milk glass mug. It reminds me of Ralph's dad, these are the coffee mugs he always had (gold flower pattern). I went cruising my local Goodwill and found some cute mugs, all Christmas none of them match and that's totally okay with me. I picked up the red transferware teacup in September. The Mrs. Claus plate was $1 and I'm going to put fudge or other goodies for gift giving. You would be amazed at the Christmas stuff at the thrift stores. This Christmas doesn't have to be expensive or budget killing. This is my second year making cookies and candies to give away for gifts. I know my family always enjoys and is thankful when someone gives us treats at the holidays. Enjoy this week and the Thanksgiving holiday. Cheers!
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