Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Think I Found My Word

I think I figured out my word for 2010.......Driven. As I read other blogs and was touched by the words others have chosen but nothing popped into my big head. I waited and waited and last weekend wah-lah DRIVEN. Now by nature I am not a "driver" personality. I'm more of a laid back cheery girl. But this year things have to change for me, I joined Weight Watchers right after Christmas. I've not care of my body for far to long, although the fact that amount of weight I have to lose a hefty sum I needed to learn to eat healthy again. I won't lie, I don't like exercising at all. But a couple weeks ago I told Wes I wanted to do the 5k Thanksgiving morning and he said he would do it with me. What a champ! On Sunday I rounded up the family and we took a couple mile walk along the river. It was beautiful and you know it "exercise". I still haven't downloaded Christmas photos from my camera, bad mom. But I started knitting gifts for Christmas this year and scrapbooking with Sandy on a regular basis. I don't know why I'm amazed at how happy I feel when I let my creative paths run free here and there. So out of my comfort zone I am Driven.


  1. I was laying in bed this morning thinking I should probably join the 'word' bandwagon. I had picked a funny one in january, but more as a joke...it was follow-thru. But in bed this morning I think my word is going to be "grow". Glad you found your word!

  2. Good for you! A nice walk along a river sound fabulous and hardly like exercise at all.

    Good luck on being driven this year! Perfect word.